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Garden of Eden

The lake is a good start. Since God created the world go there. The story appears in the Bible. God made ​​Adam's Song - the first man. Then shovel out the rib of Adam to create Eve. Go to the couple in the Garden of Eden. Guaranteed not to eat anything at all. The fruit of the tree. Knowledge or apples. But the snake bite though. I encourage Eve to the apple into Mํea. The Mํea alone is not enough. Eve persuade Adam to the Mํea with. On the contrary, the order of God. It is a city.

The demise of the lake cycle. President of the United States.

This is the magic that is also a very popular one that the U.S. pres election in years ending with the digit 0 is threatening the demise of the functions. Lower than that. The curse is that the Indian chief Jose State Harrisburg. The railing of the white race was the technology precision. He cursed them before being killed in the year 1813 was the first pres victims was William Henry Harrison, NJ The next election in 1840. then the curse is real, and that Lincoln - Lincoln (1860) • Garfield (1880) • Mac McKinley (1900) • Harding (1920) • holes. Welt (1940) • Kennedy (1960).

Lead the curse of Greece in 1979.

The archaeological excavations in your name, the city of Athens to the coil, a thin lead. The curse of the ancient language of the inscription appears. The lead of this race called Catalonia (Katares) is put into the coffin before burial is believed to lead to the lakes will sink quickly to hell and spiritual death. I have read the lyrics to the lake and then aspire to be in accordance with the deposit or dispose of the water into the lake is another way. The water will be able to communicate. We want those who curse you. Catalonia, where the race was over 100 pages to find a mailing list to Sue Minor, which is the Roman goddess of the hydrosphere.

Tower of London

This fortress. It is well known. Was used as a prison and Death or major. Many thousands of British, at this castle will be raised to six the number of crows, the lake has more than 900 years that if a crow lower down on the amount of any When such a disaster will be visited London and the royal family of England! This is where it appears to be documented. In the reign of King Charles the second by the 17th century, but it is not an idle one. And the people, whether as a guard. The king is a serious, strict, such that if one dead crow. It must present reports to the Queen immediately. And to provide a new DAW. Replace immediately. Crow, all of which are named. And if it is to be buried with ceremony. Crow has raised the reserve at all times. If you become ill. I need to check. If not death by infectious diseases (eg avian flu) and with a dead crow was so smooth. It is believed that the royal family will vanish as well.

The curse Tut Egypt.

The curse is just incredible, one of the many mysteries in the world. Curse those who have strong magic in this world. It's a Curse of the Ancient Egyptian tombs, especially of the king. The curse of the magical and the most fierce. You can specify up harassing people who violated the peace of the deceased only.The ancient Egyptians had a strong faith in life after death. The old religion was taught to believe that the dead may be raised again later. Egyptologists believe this is a popular and remains so well. Buried in the cemetery. Mystery with plenty of privacy. Waiting to be resurrected in the future.Egyptologists are filled with earth in a secret vault and quoted innumerable. Both rich and poor serfs of the king's most imposing tomb into the wonders of the world. These treasures in the tomb is a lure to fraud. Grave Digger took the illegal theft of my property to steal them.The owner of the tomb of his efforts to prevent in any way possible. A number of ways, including casting the "curse".The discovery of the tomb of the young king, who is one of the great body of Tut, we will talk about the magic of the curse of God.In fact, Young King Tut was not a ruling that Tut's versatility is just the throne Iuwracha Egyptologists in a very short time. But he is. It is because of the discovery of his tomb, which is the most that a. His tomb, although some noise may be a thief. But his wealth is not very much. Of the remainder, thus allowing future generations to know the story of ancient Egypt more than ever.But ... the discovery of more than knowledge. I have lost it along the way. If you lose a lot of people around the world believe in the curse that hovers there.'' They fly to death for daring to kill harmful, threatening the peace of God, Pharaoh''.This is the curse of the priests, Egyptologists have been included in the mysterious tomb of Pharaoh Tut. And it was shown later that magical and full of magical things at a really horrible.Those in close touch with the opening of his tomb and coffin ... and tell people that I should die with a strange unexpected to 22 people! ... Fly to death as if he harasses any person who has sleep issues Iuwracha. The curse in every respect.Strange that. After the demise of so many people over fifty years ago. It also seems strange that he believed that the effect is due to the curse again.Tut tomb was opened in 1922 (BE 2465) After the opening ceremony, 22 people died when five to ten years. When the Tut treasures to celebrate fifty years of the cemetery. The demise of those who dare disturb the pharaoh again not possible.To discover the glorious past of Egyptologists, archaeologists, is that I always dreamed of more than 3,000 to 4,000 years of Egyptian architecture, the available evidence of the pyramid is almost lost me. Still only in accordance with the excavation of the cemetery, hoping to find artifacts. The people of ancient Egypt, they brought with them buried in the morgue, according to their beliefs.The history. Archaeologist in the mountains of the bans. (Kings Valley Cemetery) to the west of the city Biz Directory. The former capital of Egyptologists at a place of burial of the Pharaoh of Dynasty 18 and 19 over 30 in the period beginning with the excavation, archaeologists Westerners who then told him to dig here. have both been successful, is the cemetery with the coffin. The coffin-shaped tombs were in there several times.Unfortunately, it is found in the tombs of the most empty without any belongings. Even some of the mummy tomb owner is not the same. Because thieves to steal the treasure digging in there until the end. The time is long past the cemetery it was stolen again and again until there is nothing left.Therefore the Tut tomb stand out above any other survey. I have found the tomb. This result has been that the young king's residence, sleep issues, this is the only one. I was stealing his property completely.The archaeologists discovered the tomb, Howard Carter, the English name of the originator and capital subsidies in the survey were the most wealthy nobleman named. Yacht. Said. S..'s. Over Robert Earl won five of Karnataka. The Lord is known as the Republic won.A survey to find the tomb began in 1916 on the first floor and was not sure whether successful or not. When digging to find the secret cave in the cliff is a waste of ritual burial of Pharaoh. Plates with the designation "Tut" Carter, a hypothesis that would be the tomb of Pharaoh as "Tut" is somewhere in the Valley of the Kings.However, this event would take up to six years to find the tomb of Iuwracha on November 4, 1922 workers, native excavated stone staircase leading down to the ground beneath the tomb of Pharaoh, Boston Forum, 6 down After digging about 13 feet down the ladder of 16 levels, they found the door firmly closed. When drilling out the door. It was 10 feet long corridor leading to the firmly closed the door and another door across the door on the end. The goal is the confidentiality of all Egyptologists are hidden on the third millennium!But when I opened the door to my room or rooms containing the bodies on the property. I found the trail runs in the dark as to end up at the door is closed tightly on the one corner of the end as the first goal, the goal is the hope of Carter and Lord of. Won the blaze The door is sealed tightly to seal in the seal of the various Kamen is stamped to show that this is the tomb of Tut Iuwracha course.This door is hidden behind the "miracle" that is available on the porch of King Tut natural jumping part. This is a storage room next to the royal remains. Side of the remains, it has a storage room or storage properties. "Privy Purse room'' with a small storage room. Adjacent to the hotel room balcony and four rooms of the magic.

Curse of the Voodoo of New Orleans, LA, U.S..

Voodoo witch who was called Mary lived in Sarajevo during 1800 over rumors that she had been dancing a curse on both humans and animals. The black magic of voodoo. Until now it has. Tour to visit her home. The vow that she will curse anyone called Blood Tree tour as well as the applicant would have to knock three times on the following from the coffin of Mary. Then a counter-clockwise rotation around three times over three Esenehlga active over the grave of her utter out loud. The purpose of the notice to you. (I will give you rest your enemy is destroyed) I do not get a tour to prove it.

The lakes of the Alistair Crowley's Wizard of Loch Ness, Scotland, in 1899.

The Crowley lived in the house alone. South of the lake that he inflicted on the animal shows, he is said to be precise in magic and soul with a demon to 115 that he can aspire to. Many people have been numerous unsuccessful. The first is to raise the dead, Crowley Lake was added to the top of the hill which was called. "Devil's Chimney," and Crowley had lost his balance. Indignation, which lead to his heart. The curse is that when he collapsed. Evil and is spread by the release. Devil's Chimney "stood for thousands of years. But then in April 2001, approximately 70 meters in height with a landslide into the sea. This allows those who trust in the police shocked him long to do it. Hell, I did not cover the earth!


This drama is about a witch and a scene. Curse of the Black Magic. It is said that the fact that the witch was still sore at the Shakespeare in the rest of their secrets revealed. The play was cursed to fall - especially if someone presented a drama that plays Mac Beth, the curse of the first to emerge from this series are shown. The show at Chelsea Harbour Ridge is a lady dressed in Ames. I was falling down that night. Death and dying stage. Since then, nearly 400 years of paranormal drama is going on with his life as an accident casualties, some committed suicide. The deadliest and most Eprid In 1947, actor Harold Norman was the recipient of a woven Mac Beth. During the duel sword. I wear the crown of his rival, but the sword fell Mac Beth was placed center stage, the audience applauded the role, if satisfied that in the latter stage. I had a really great, he was stabbed to death in Torquay United 3 weeks later.

Bones of the city of Evora Cathedral, Portugal The temple was built in the 15th century.

By Francis and his sect. Art is amazing. Walls of the temple was built on the bones of more than 5,000 people, I only have two bodies, one with the hanging wall side! Lower than that measured. Women, which has previously committed Catholic, but he was angry with her ​​husband and son. To help cane until her death. Before she died, he cursed the spirit of the earth, even down to hell 2. I will not get his body did not take long for the two men were threatening death. People trying to dig. His grave. I dug into the rock face at any time on the intelligence they bring the bodies of two more. Hanging on to them. The temple walls. For the priest to take down. During the meditation. It is the curse of magical.

Hope Diamond

Blue Diamond is the largest in the world. Weight 45.52 carats by the French trader named John Travis, Jr., Baptists have been stolen from the Nlaฏ (forehead), a Hindu idol in a temple of India, about AD 160, by knowing that. The diamond has a curse attached to it, there is no theft or possession of the Hope Diamond. Would be a disaster to all! And it is by the lake. Ever since King Louis the 14th was a diamond. Mr. Travis Junior. He and his family that he had received threats enormity of the revolution of France, and even Henry County, Philip Hope (the owner of a blue diamond), Mr. Pierre Cartier in (merchant jewelry as we know it. d) We are faced with bad luck. Until the last occupant of the family of Sir Winston Churchill was hard to Lady Mary nobility. The Hope Diamond is borrowed necklace. Wear in the evening. Two months later. Her baby also died mysteriously. I became insane, and divorced the heir to the family of Winston Smith of the Hope Diamond. Association of the United States and smooth. A conservative replacement.